Powerful Teaching: Table of Contents


Introduction (read an excerpt)

Chapter 1: Discover the Power Behind Power Tools (read an excerpt)

Chapter 2: Build a Foundation with Retrieval Practice

Chapter 3: Empower Teaching with Retrieval Practice Strategies

Chapter 4: Energize Learning with Spacing and Interleaving

Chapter 5: Engage Students with Feedback-Driven Metacognition

Chapter 6: Combine Power Tools and Harness Your Toolbox

Chapter 7: Keeping It Real: Use Power Tools to Tackle Challenges, Not Add to Them (read an excerpt)

Chapter 8: Foster a Supportive Environment: Use Power Tools to Reduce Anxiety and Strengthen Community

Chapter 9: Spark Conversations with Students About the Science of Learning

Chapter 10: Spark Conversations with Parents About the Science of Learning

Chapter 11: Powerful Professional Development for Teachers and Leaders (read an excerpt)

Chapter 12: Do It Yourself (DIY) Retrieval Guide

Conclusion: Unleash the Science of Learning

Pooja K. Agarwal