Frequently Asked Questions

“This easy-to-read book is chock full of practical tips (not fads) and, mercifully, devoid of academic mumbo jumbo. Please read this!”

Benjamin Riley / Founder, Deans for Impact

What inspired The Authors to write this book?

Teachers are given the impossible challenge of seeking out good research, making sense of it, and applying it in the classroom. It’s because this research isn’t accessible – literally and figuratively. Until now. The science of learning exists. It’s time to unleash it.


what are power tools?

Based on research and classroom experience, the authors focus on four teaching strategies, called Power Tools: Retrieval practice, spacing, interleaving, and feedback-driven metacognition. In Powerful Teaching, learn how to use these strategies purposefully, intentionally, and frequently.


what is retrieval practice?

Retrieval practice boosts learning by pulling information out of students’ heads, rather than cramming information into students heads.


What is Interleaving?

Interleaving boosts learning by mixing up closely related topics, encouraging discrimination between similarities and differences.


what is spacing?

Spacing boosts learning by spreading lessons and retrieval opportunities out over time so learning is not crammed all at once. In this way, forgetting is a good thing for learning.


What is feedback-driven metacognition?

Feedback-driven metacognition boosts learning by providing the opportunity for students to know what they know and know what they don’t know.


why do The Authors focus on four strategies?

The four research-based Power Tools are flexible, practical, and quick to implement. By focusing on just a few carefully selected strategies, educators are empowered to harness cognitive science, without being stretched too thin.

how do i buy the book?

Visit the Buy page for more information. Powerful Teaching is available for purchase online and at your local bookstore, including Kindle and e-book versions. Interested in a bulk discount, an audio book and/or translation? Email the authors with your interest and help reach more teachers!


do The Authors offer professional development?

Yes! Check out the Speaking & Consulting page for more information about keynotes, workshops, presentations, and consulting services. Each presentation is customized, interactive, and memorable. Email the authors for more information.


how can i stay on top of news and updates?

Subscribe for weekly teaching tips at Join a community of more than 10,000 teachers who are unleashing the science of learning and Power Tools.


do The Authors have resources i can download?

Yes! Visit the Resources page. You can also download free guides at and subscribe for updates. Use them, share them, and transform student learning!


how did the Authors form Their partnership?

Starting in 2006, Pooja and scientists at Washington University in St. Louis embarked on groundbreaking research in Patrice’s classroom, inspiring Powerful Teaching.


how can i CONDUCT research in my school?

As a first step, contact the psychology department at your local college or university. You’d be surprised how often scientists are looking to build partnerships with schools.


Who do i contact FOR MORE INFORMATION?

Whether you are interested in professional development, would like to bulk order the book, or have a success story you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to email the authors. Follow them on Twitter @poojaagarwal and @patricebain1.